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4 Key Ways LinkedIn’s New Endorsement Feature Will Benefit You

With over 175 million users and 9 years under LinkedIn’s belt, a redesign was inevitable, but the numerous changes, including the new Endorsement feature, probably left you with social media whiplash.

But the Endorsements feature isn’t as complicated as you might think, and it actually spells benefit for your personal profile and business. Here’s what you need to know.

Welcome to the age of influence.

Facebook’s Klout currently generates the most, well, clout, in the arena of social influence measurement, allowing social icons and thought leaders to numerically monitor their social media marketing efforts based on audience response.

However, there are several competitors, like PROskore, that narrow the focus to emotional or professional influence only.

Enter LinkedIn’s new Endorsement feature.

4 Ways LinkedIn’s Endorsement Feature Benefits You

By now, you know the importance of using keywords in your personal LinkedIn profile and business page for SEO purposes, so you’ve already included them in your profile, particularly in the “Skills and Expertise” section (if you haven’t yet, contact us).

The “Skills and Expertise” section has been modified from helpful keywords, to being helpful keywords you can hover your mouse over to learn more and presented as a button, which, when clicked, adds a number to the blue-shaded area at its left.

The more people “endorse” that skill by clicking its button, the greater the score, thereby quantifying your finesse in that specific skill and boosting your credibility.

In layman’s terms, LinkedIn now has its own professional influence measurement system, which brings us to Benefit #1: You get the influence perks without having to sign up for another social media account.

Benefit #2: Other LinkedIn users can see who’s endorsing you. As you see in the image, LinkedIn provides a thumbnail avatar of the people who endorse you for a skill. This feature can cement your credibility if an executive, a thought leader in your niche, or any other high-credibility source endorses you.

However, even if your endorsers aren’t high on the totem pole, prospects can get a snapshot of your network and past clientele by the demographics of those who’ve endorsed you.

Benefit #3: A click is quick. Endorsing only eats a minute of your time, if you count the time it takes for you to log in, search out the colleague you want to endorse, find the skill you want to endorse, and finally click it. Its ease of use allows you to endorse a colleague for multiple skills in one sitting in less than five minutes.

For that matter, since it’s still so new, LinkedIn still intermittently pops up a box suggesting 4 people in your network to endorse (including a suggested skill), so that cuts your time in half. And once you’ve endorsed one person in that box, LinkedIn immediately supplies you another suggestion, so it’s a seamless process.

Benefit #4: It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Like recommendations, if you endorse someone in your network, he’ll happily return the favor. Also, since LinkedIn still offers suggestions, it’s possible for someone to endorse you for a skill you didn’t include on your list before, which expands your repertoire and makes you look better.

Ready Inc. can streamline your social media profiles making you the most appealing choice for your audience. Contact us to find out how.



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